MA-D-E-A is back! Thank goodness Tyler Perry didn't let Madea stay in retirement. Tyler retired his infamous Madea character back in 2019 but after the pandemic and the state of the world, Tyler Perry felt that people needed to laugh again, so he decided to bring Madea back. I love Madea. She tells it like it is! I could have probably been Madea in a former life.

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Tyler Perry has been teasing fans with different promotional posters over the last couple of weeks revealing Madea's Homecoming would be available on Netflix on February 25th. Earlier today the trailer was released for the film. I can't wait. Check out the full-length trailer below!

Here is what Tyler Perry said when releasing the trailer:

When I tell you I want you to laugh so hard that you can’t stop! I MEAN IT! We’ve been going through too much in this world! All I want this movie to do is just make you

laugh out loud for real! Coming February 25th to Netflix!

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