In recent years with the evolution of television to streaming, we've seen an influx of all types of television shows. One genre, in particular, is the sports documentary. Recently Netflix released season 2 of their popular series Untold and in honor of that here are the top 5 sports documentaries of all time.

(Side Note: it needs to be said that I am counting individual 30 for 30 docs as eligible for the list instead of saying 30 for 30 as a whole.)

5. Andre The Giant (HBO)

This is an incredible documentary coming from the man who created 30 for 30 Bill Simmons. This story follows Andre's life growing up in France, his career with the WWE, and his gigantism condition. This film makes you want to start watching wrestling whether you like it or not. The story itself is beyond interesting because as we find out the world of wrestling has its dark/grey areas and they show that through the lens of Andre. Also, you see how he became one of the most popular people on the planet. Plus it's extremely well made, that's why it has to be number 5.

4. 30 For 30: Without Bias

The story of Len Bias was one that before I watched the film I never knew. This is the tale of a man who could've been the best of all time. Michael Jordan who, it's about Len Bias. This guy would've revolutionized basketball as a forward who could shoot, get to the rim, defend and do anything you asked. However, on draft night a drug overdose led to tragedy. This story is not only a cautionary tale but it's also an enlightening story on one of the biggest what-ifs of all time.

3. OJ: Made In America

This film had America on the edge of its seat. I remember when this was released and everyone stopped what they did and watched. This is a multi-part docu-series that covered the OJ trial through and through. It also looked at how the trial affected culture, the racial aspect of the trial, and how we became a society obsessed with scandal. This is easily the best 30 for 30 of all time.

2. The Last Dance

If OJ was a moment then the Last Dance was an entire saga during the pandemic days. This was one of the things that gave us relief as a society during the pandemic. The story of Jordan into his final championship run. We learned a lot through this film from Scottie's thoughts on Mike, Michael's killer instinct on full display, how Jerry Kraus ruined the Bulls' run, and much more. This documentary birthed memes and was a story that had the world captivated.

1. Hoop Dreams

This documentary is the one that really showed the desire for this type of work from the people. This story is a look at two African American basketball players' experiences through high school as they navigate the challenges of growing up in the poor Chicago neighborhoods and how they deal with it. As well as how they have the desire to make the NBA to get their families out of poverty. We see them experience injuries, pressure, rejection, and more. This film grabs at your heartstrings and squeezes. Hoop Dreams is the perfect sports documentary.

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