With NFC East rivals the Giants and Cowboys featured tonight on Monday Night Football, what are the best games that Dallas has played on Monday Night Football?

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#5. Giants at Cowboys - September 8, 1986

Tony Dorsett and Herschel Walker were both playing in this game which was won by the Cowboys 31-28 in the last two minutes by a 10-yard touchdown by Herschel Walker.

#4. Eagles at Cowboys - September 17, 1997

Cowboys won this game 21-20 also in the last few seconds when Philadelphia holder Tom Hutton bobbled the snap on a 22-yard field goal attempt with :04 left in the game.

#3 Cowboys at Giants - September 15, 2003

This was Bill Parcells first win in Dallas after the Giants came back from a 15-point deficit in the fourth quarter and tied the game to force overtime on a Billy Cundiff 52-yard field goal to send it into overtime and then kicked the game-winner as well. Dallas won 35-32.

#2 Cowboys at Redskins - September 5, 1983

This game was a nail-biter with Dallas trailing at halftime 23-3, but Danny White rallied to throw three second-half touchdown passes and pulled out a one-point win with 1:49 remaining in the game. Dallas won 31-30.

#1. Cowboys at Bills - October 8, 2007

This had one of the craziest finishes in Cowboys' history. The Cowboys went into the fourth quarter trailing 24-13 after 6 Romo turnovers, two of which were returned for touchdowns. A Romo pass to Patrick Crayton produced a touchdown that left the Cowboys trailing 24-22, so a two-point conversion by Terrell Owens was called for but Owens was stripped of the ball with only :20 left in the game. But after Tony Curtis recovered a weird bouncing onside kick that hit Sam Hurd, rookie kicker Nick Folk hit a 53-yard field goal only to have the Bills call a last-second timeout to ice the kicker, but on the second try Folk was once again good and the Cowboys win the game 25-24.

So will tonight be another game that causes gasps and hair pulling all over Texas? We will just have to sit back and watch.


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