We have all quit a job sometime in our life. We may have quit on good terms or on bad terms. You can do it the right way or the wrong way. Either way, most of us have quit a job at some time or another. Actually, four out of five of us have quit a job. 81% of us have quit a job, and 91% believe it was the right decision. Only six percent regretted their decision, and three percent were undecided.

Here are the top 10 reasons people decide to quit their jobs:

1. Bad boss or bad management. 30% said it was a factor.

2. It didn't pay enough, 23%.

3. I got a better job offer, 21%.

4. My schedule or working conditions sucked, 19%.

5. My coworkers sucked, 17%.

6. Bad work/life balance, 17%.

7. No room for growth, 17%.

8. I was burned out on the work, 15%.

9. I retired, 13%.

10. A tie between moving away and leaving for personal reasons, both 11%.

YouGov conducted this study in July of 2022, so the results are up to date.

My mom always taught me to never burn a bridge, so in leaving my job, I have never left a job without giving notice and being willing to work out my notice. I have never left a job on bad terms. I have never understood people who just walk in and quit or don't even show back up to let anyone know they didn't want to work with someone anymore.

I know sometimes something will happen that will make you want to throw your hands up and walk out but always remember that's not the way to do it. Always be the bigger and better person.


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