If you have been around Sam's and La Mision Restaurant in Midland then you know there is a dire need for a traffic light at Deauville Blvd and Tradewinds Blvd.

Not only are the roads divided by a ravine, but it is becoming a very busy intersection thanks to all the growth and places to shop and eat that have been put in around the Scharbauer Sports Complex and all the hotels around it.

You get the oilfield traffic when all the out-of-town workers are heading to the hotel and you get the people that are shopping at Sam's, eating at Clear Springs, Fair To Midland, Osaka, or La Mision, or going to the doctor.

This is why a traffic light would be a good thing so people don't run into each other trying to turn left from any direction.

The new mini shopping center that is going in next to Osaka is not going to help with the traffic situation once businesses start opening up.

Also, the residential area near there is expanding and growing so that is going to soon add to traffic in that area once families start moving in.

So do like me and contact the City of Midland and let them know your concerns about that area and especially if you are one of the people that will be moving in that area.

With a community of concerned residents letting the city know of some problem areas, this should get them to propose a traffic signal at Deauville and Tradewinds.



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