It may not be the most frustrating stretch of road forever, but in the last few weeks it's had me yelling in my car like a maniac.  I kept forgetting the week before last that I needed to take a different route at lunch and got hung up every day.  You see I have every minute of my lunch hour planned out. I have to since I don't use my lunch hour the way most people do.  I spent it doing things I have to get done instead of actually eating lunch, although most days I'm able to throw back a quick sammich from the house.  However in the last few weeks this one stretch of road has my time table out of whack. Do you guys know which road I'm talking about? It's the loop, and in loop 250, specifically the part starting at Thomason Drive over to 158, or Andrews Hwy if you prefer.  There's been road crews blocking various lanes and exits over the past few weeks and it changes from week to week.  Last week and even part of this week there wasn't anything going on but then today there were orange cones back up and only one lane open in places, back to a big ole cluster butt again.  I know in the long run it's to improve driving conditions butt dang! I really shouldn't be complaining, I know it's way worse in other locations.  Isn't there an intersection near the DPS here in Midland that's an absolute nightmare?

So what is the most frustrating road/intersection in Midland?  Odessa?

Freeway Collapse Snarls Bay Area Traffic
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