Chris Brown and I went on a weekend trip to Dallas some months ago.  We went to see one of my favorite comedians Tom Segura at The House of Blues.  It was the tits by the way, thanks for asking.  While we were there we planned on making the most of our time in a place we rarely get to visit. I’m thinking of shopping, Sam Moon, restaurants that can only be found in Dallas on some corner in the ghetto, cause let’s face it some damn good food can be found in the most sketchy of places.  I’m looking up what places in Dallas any Food Network shows have been to and scanning through lists of “Best Local Places To Eat” on the internet.  All the while this chuckle head has one agenda and one agenda alone.  In-N-Out Burger….. Really dewd? Really? Of all the places to eat in Dallas worth getting excited about and that’s the place you’re losing your sh*t over?  And I do mean LOSING HIS SH*T! This guy acted like he had a disease that only In-N-Out could cure.  We showed up at one of these conniption inducing burger warehouses 20 minutes before it opened and he could barely contain his rage.  At first he thought it wasn’t open, good thing it just wasn’t open yet otherwise he might have drove the car through the drive-thru.  It opened, we ordered food, sat down, they called our order, he brought said food back to the table, I got up to get ketchup and by the time I got back to where we were sitting he was inhaling the last bite of his burger.  Listen people I tried the food and I’m sorry it’s just not worth all the fuss….or is it?  I seem to be the only person I know that doesn’t feel exactly the same way Chris does.  Either way I feel like the people of Midland/Odessa would much rather have an In-N-Out Burger in town than another location for a joint we already have or any other place that’s opened up in the past year or so.

We’ve heard that certain businesses pull all kinds of various data and statistics and even use social media polls and algorithms in order to decide where they will open up their next location.  I have no idea what kind of data and statistics they pull but I do know when they look at social media they are looking at how many times a blog or article (like this one) gets collectively shared, read, responded to and commented on.

So if you guys really want one prove it, you know what to do….. (and if you don’t what I meant was read, share, respond to and comment on this blog…all YALL!)

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