The new Texas Tech head football coach is a man of the people. He likes to get in the mud. He wants to be among the people and the students. He's learned from Chris Beard, who has made a habit of getting among his constituents.

This weekend at Cotton Fest, Flatland Calvary hit Coach Wells up with a proposition. How many retweets would it take to get the coach out on stage to lead a little Raider Power?

Wells set the line at 500, a number that was easily reached with more than 800 retweets.

That led to this:

Another angle:

He was talking to the people in the back, too:

What a sight. A sold out crowd at Cotton Fest completely behind a new football coach who hasn't coached a single down in Lubbock yet.

He pleads with the concertgoers to get 14,000 students into The Jones to make it the toughest place to play in the Big 12. Then, locks into the Raider Power chant that I'm assuming went on forever because Wells is still going strong through the 5th rotation when the video cuts off.

This is the type of thing that can endear a fanbase to a new coach. Of course, winning can do that a whole lot quicker. A strong mix of both fan favorite behavior and winning can get you back-to-back off seasons with raises. Just ask Chris Beard.

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