A first-half slog gave way to a double overtime thriller with a final of 33-30 in favor of the Baylor Bears.

'Slog' may be a little harsh. Both teams put on defensive clinics, even as their offenses struggled to string anything together. Couple that with constant turnovers -- Texas Tech would pick off two and fumble one -- and you have a recipe for a game that looked more Big 10 than Big 12.

At the end of the first half, Texas Tech led, 6-3. That lead would soon dissipate.

A huge kickoff return by Baylor would set the Bears up for a touchdown via quarterback Charlie Brewer for their first of the game.

A Texas Tech touchdown with under two minutes left in the game gave would later give the team the lead, 20-17.

A Baylor penalty would hurt them on the ensuing kick return, putting the Bears back an extra 10 yards. An Eli Howard sack would push the Bears all the way back to the one-yard line.

From there, Baylor would drive all the way down the field in less than two minutes to kick a field goal at the end of regulation to tie the game and send it to Overtime. Score at the end of regulation: 20-20.

Texas Tech would win the toss and elect to play defense. Their defense recovered a fumble on the second play of overtime, which would be overturned and called an "illegal snap," setting up a long pass play and a QB sneak to give Baylor a 27-20 lead.

Watch the play:

The Red Raiders' possession in Overtime would begin with a false start and end with a miracle touchdown catch from TJ Vasher in the back of the endzone to tie the game at 27 and send the whole affair to double overtime.

In the double overtime period, Texas Tech would get a field goal to go up 30-27. But Baylor would get a touchdown just a few plays later to secure the win, 33-30, in double overtime.

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