For every draft boom, there is a draft bust.

The term "draft bust" will automatically bring at least one or two names to mind for every sports fan across the world. Whether it's a can't-miss prospect for your favorite team, or a high-profile college athlete that the world was watching, a player going from "boom" to "bust" is a tale as old as time.

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Given that New York has multiple teams in every "big four" sports league, it's fair to say that New York sports fans have seen a number of impressive draft busts over the years. From the New York Giants' selections of Eli Apple and Ereck Flowers, to "can't-miss" baseball prospects like Billy Beane and Brien Taylor, there are tales as far as the eye can see of players burning out or fading away.

With that being said, here are ten such players, and the tales of their rise and fall in the Empire State.

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