Don't forget when you go to bed this Saturday night turn the clocks ahead one hour as we return to an extra hour of sunlight with Daylight Saving Time. Watch out for all the memes out there that feature Cher talking about "Turning BACK time"--you're not turning it back, you're turning it forward one hour. Yes, you lose the hour of sleep you gained last fall but the bonus is we get an hour of more sunlight every day again.

There are a lot of people who wish the whole time change thing would come to an end, as it's an outdated practice and really isn't necessary any longer. It's been utilized throughout the years to save on energy usage but hasn't ever been completely abolished throughout the United States, sans Arizona, and Hawaii. Those are the only two states that don't participate in time change each year. There are a lot of people who don't want time change to continue and say that it's no benefit to any industry, and all it does is drive people crazy and take away sunlight and make winter days more gloomy.

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Some states follow it, some don't. Here in Texas, we do. So remember before you go to bed this Saturday night, turn all the clocks ahead one hour so you don't miss Church! Your cell phones should automatically update, but the microwave/stove and any nightstand alarm clocks or dining room and kitchen wall clocks won't. Oh and don't forget the one in your car on the dash as well or you'll think you have extra time to be somewhere when you actually don't!

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