We all use Uber/Lyft, maybe not that much here Midland/Odessa but when you travel out of town. This past I was in Las Vegas and we had use rideshare services. everywhere we went, and we learned a very valuable lesson. We actually ended up getting in the wrong Uber.

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Here's what happened. We ordered an Uber and it said to be looking for a white Toyota RAV 4. There were no other Ubers pulling up at the time when a white Toyota RAV 4 pulled up and I got the notification that our driver had arrived. We didn't think anything of it so we just hopped in, assuming it was ours.  A little way into the drive I kept getting empty voicemails from a Las Vegas number, so I called the number back and the guy said he was my Uber driver, where was I, he was waiting for me. I immediately freaked out and thought I was about to be the next subject of an episode of Dateline. The guy on the phone told me I was supped to be in a white Toyota RAV 4 and I told him I was and then he asked me where my driver was taking me, we asked the driver and he was taking us to a destination that wasn't ours. WE WERE IN THE WRONG UBER!  Luckily everything turned out ok,  the driver of the Uber we were in was nice enough to cancel the ride he was supposed to have and allowed up to pay him to take us to our destination.

What are the odds that two of the exact same cars were picking up people at the same place at the same time, and even sent the " I have arrived" message at the same time?

The moral of the story, make sure to verify your Uber/Lyft is the correct one. Always check the license plate and driver's name and make sure that they know yours. This could have been a bad situation, but thank the good Lord, it wasn't.


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