It will be here before you know it. The month of January flew by, February is going out just as quickly as it came in and you know what happens in March. Spring Break. Get ready because it is only a matter of time before our kids are let loose for a full week break! What to do what to do?

If you are needing a little inspiration and something not too far away, at least within the state, here are a list of some great zoos in Texas! You're never too old for a zoo to check out some super cute animals. And depending on which city in Texas you hit up for Spring Break, if they have a zoo it will give you pretty much a full day of fun.

Abilene Zoo-we've been to this one plenty of times. Not too far of a drive but the perfect size zoo not to wear mom and dad out too much.

San Antonio Zoo-a ticket for this zoo won't break the bank with daily standard admission tickets going for between 17-21 bucks. Plan to be here for as little as 2 but up to 4 hours for the full zoo experience.

Fort Worth Zoo-this zoo is open 365 days a year and recently welcomed a new addition, Shirley the African penguin chick, plus they have some great kids programs. For more info, click here for their website.

Austin Zoo-a zoo in hill country. Does it get any better? If you visit their website, this zoo lets you meet their animals beforehand online.

Why not hit up the zoo this Spring Break with your family!

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