It is way too early to write off the Buffalo Bills.  Bills fans should absolutely not panic as they are still 6-3 overall right in the thick of things in the AFC.  The AFC East might be the best division in football as the Bills currently sit in third as of today.  Josh Allen does need to improve as he currently leads the entire NFL in interceptions.  I discuss this in my quick take from The Times Union:

Josh Allen is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and the Buffalo Bills are still going to win the Super Bowl. However, Allen needs to take a deep breath and quit trying to be a Super Hero. Allen is a great talent who makes one big play after another, but lately he’s running into trouble when he tries to make the impossible play. The interception he threw in the overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings, should have never been thrown. Head Coach Sean McDermott needs to sit down with Allen and settle him down. Allen is doing too much when he doesn’t need to. Allen has all the talent in the world, he just needs to reel it in a tad, and the Bills will get right back on track.

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MJ and I discussed the Bills heartbreaking loss vs the Vikings on Monday morning right here on Big Board Sports.  Below is our full conversation on this.

The Bills have a chance to get right back on track with a home game against the Bills on Sunday.  The Browns aren't very good and it will an opportunity for Buffalo to improve to a 7-3 record.  They are still legitimate contenders.

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