Imagine sitting at a red light near an overpass waiting patiently for it to turn green to proceed through the intersection and go on about your day. This was the case for some innocent bystanders in their vehicles waiting for their light to turn green at an intersection in Allen, TX on Tuesday. Then the unthinkable happens, something that looked like it was out of a movie rather than real life happening right before your very eyes.

This happened in Allen, TX, a suburb of Dallas, an 18-wheeler from out of nowhere plummets off of the overpass, on US 75, and bursts into flames midair, landing on the intersection below.

On Tuesday afternoon, unsuspecting residents were waiting at the light at the intersection of 75 and Stacy Road, near the Allen Outlets when all of a sudden a semi flies off of the overpass and landed engulfed in flames below.

Several witnesses say they rushed to the aid of the driver to try and save them but could not get close enough due to the heat from the flames. The driver of the truck was pronounced dead at the scene.

Traffic was backed up for hours and authorities say that the driver of the 18 wheeler seemingly collided with a car in front of it, although it is not known at this time who was at fault in the accident. The driver of the vehicle was unharmed and cooperating with Allen PD.

Watch the video from WFAA ABC 8 in Dallas of the deadly accident that took place yesterday in Allen, TX:


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