Single people in the place say heeeeeey! As if singles didn't have enough on their plate with dating apps, attempting to have the perfect profile and knowing when to swipe right, apparently now there are ways to let someone know you are 'interested' at the grocery store! You just thought you were making a grocery run for bread, milk and eggs, little did you know it is time to hit up the fruit and veggie aisle to put the feelers out there for other singles. 

Former “Bachelor” star Brittany Hockley shared the surprising hookup technique she discovered and shared it on her podcast recently. There is a secret dating code that singles are using to try to hook up and meet others at the grocery store, depending on what you have in your cart. Ready to find out what they are?


* bananas-if you grab a bunch of bananas and face them up, so the curve is facing up in the top cart, this means you are single. (This whole thing is bananas if you ask me.)

Ethan Finkelstein/ Townsquare Media Hudson Valley
Ethan Finkelstein/ Townsquare Media Hudson Valley

*also bananas-facing them downward in your cart means you are single but not looking to enter a relationship.

*peaches-you spot a hot guy or girl in the fruit section and want to let them know you're interested but how? Grab a peach and put it in their cart.

*pineapple-this is next level. Apparently, pineapples in the dating, single, or married world have quite a bit of significance and have for a very long time. If you are in a relationship but are interested in someone else, adding a pineapple to your basket indicates that you are a swinger looking for other swingers.

Sliced open pineapple fruit slices

And to think I was just buying it to make a pineapple upside-down cake! lol Now I know. Maybe I stick to canned pineapple from now on. Have you heard of other 'secret dating codes?'

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