Ryan Leaf's football career and the years following it kept his name in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Labeled as an "NFL Bust", and struggling with drug addiction after his playing career led Leaf down a treacherous path.

However, the story didn't end with his incarceration.

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He's still writing his own story today, and with sobriety, a broadcasting career, and serving as a Program Ambassador for Transcend Recovery Community, Leaf is doing well for himself, and finding purpose in serving others.

Ryan Leaf
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Leaf last summer. It was an extremely open conversation, as Ryan extremely raw and open.

If you missed it, you can listen here.

What Leaf and I didn't discuss was his incredible ability to clap back at trolls on social media.

Ryan Leaf #16
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If you follow the NFL, you know the New York Jets have been one of the worst franchises of the last decade.

This season, despite having a great defense, the play of young quarterback Zach Wilson, has held them back.

A twitter user with the handle @RJBJrThe3rd decided to send a stray at Leaf. A stray he would likely regret.

Wilson is a Mormon. Leaf was, by NFL standards, a bust as a pro. But he's a pro at responding to trolls.

@RJBJrThe3rd should've left well enough alone, but decided to clap back at Leaf, who metaphorically dunked on him with an epic response.


Leaf gave an absolute masterclass on how to handle a troll on Twitter, and it only took him two tweets to do it.

Well done, Ryan. Well done.

As far as Wilson is concerned, he's been benched.

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