Andrews Hwy in Odessa is getting rebuilt from 8th street to 42nd street so be on the lookout for lane closures and travel being backed up.

According to CBS 7, work will begin soon on the 2-mile stretch of Andrews Hwy from 8th street to Highway 191/42nd street, but work will be going on at night to minimize the traffic problems.

Eight phases of the construction will happen from 8 pm to 6 am Sunday night through Thursday night in the following locations:

  1. 38th to 42nd Street - work will begin with the two outside lanes and then the three inside lanes once the outside lanes are complete.
  2. University Blvd. - work will begin with the two outside lanes on the north side of the intersection, followed by the two outside lanes on the south side.
  3. University Blvd. - after the outside lanes are completed at the intersection then they will begin on the three inside lanes of the entire intersection.
  4. 8th Street - the two outside lanes on the south side of the intersection will begin first, followed by the two outside lanes on the south side.
  5. 8th Street - after the outside lanes then work will begin on the inside three lanes on the entire intersection.
  6. 8th to 23rd Street - the two outside lanes will be worked on followed by the three inside lanes.
  7. 23rd to University Blvd. - work begins on the two outside lanes followed by the three inside lanes.
  8. University Blvd. to 42nd Street - once again the two outside lanes will be done first followed by the inside three lanes.

While phases 1-5 will be done at night, phases 6-8 will be done during the day and after all 8 phases are finished a final surface will be put on the entire project.

New traffic signals will be placed on 17th, 31st, and 38th Street with a pedestrian signal to be placed on 18th Street.

Concrete work will create new curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, and ramps for the whole project.

The Andrews Hwy project is expected to take about 15 months.

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