Yesterday (Tuesday 10/26) was a normal day just like any other. I headed home from work just like I do every day at 5 pm. Sun was shining as usual, traffic was about as it is normally in Midland at 5 pm on 191. Turned left on the frontage road to get on Loop 250 headed toward Big Spring Street--no problem. Radio is on, everyone's cruising along in front of and next to me... A day typical of any other weekday. Until---the truck in front of me slams on its brakes about a half mile before the Garfield exit and I almost rear-end him! So in turn, I slam on MINE--and the guy behind ME in his Mercedes SUV has to veer off onto the shoulder, kicking up a ton of dirt and dust--to avoid colliding with the back of my car! Fortunately--we didn't add to what had already occurred down the road a bit. Right where the Garfield exit ramp is on the East Bound side of Loop 250--there was a crash that had been pulled off to the left side that was causing a major slowdown on the roadway because the Police vehicle was sitting in the passing lane.


That caused everyone to slam on their brakes because there was no advance warning it was there--to avoid hitting anything stopped due to the accident. At that point, there was no indication that further up the road there was a second accident.

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The Second accident was in between Avenue A  and Garfield. This time, instead of a Police vehicle blocking the passing lane--it was a Fire Truck.


The good part--by this time everyone had slowed down and was just following along in line (well, those who didn't opt to exit the Loop at Garfield anyway). A good reminder--when you're on the Loop--or really any of the roads around here now that the Oil Field is picking back up and there's much more traffic--allow a car length between you and the person in front of you. this way-if there's a sudden stop to come to--you have time to brake and no one gets hurt. be safe out there!

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