Everyone has their vices... Some people smoke (still--after all we know about it and what it does to our bodies--they still do it).... Some people drink. Some people shop. Some people are all up into video games... Etc etc. Everyone has their things. Personally--I like to EAT. And when I do--it's usually fast food because I'm always on the go. Here are a few of my personal favorites and some observations around Midland and Odessa with what we have here--and one I wish we had here:


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Obviously--Texas' very own Whataburger is a perennial favorite in these parts--with offerings like the Whataburger--which is a very nice-sized sandwich (only Burger King's  Whopper is comparable in size). If that's too much for you, both chains have a "Junior" or smaller version you can opt for. Whataburger also has things like the Patty Melt as options too--including a tasty breakfast--I'm partial to the Bacon Egg Taquitos-but there's also the Breakfast Burger and others...


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Then there's Wendy's, who's JUST recently has gotten into the breakfast game and I LOVE IT. I love the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant (which is my wife's favorite), the Breakfast Baconater, and the Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant (which is MY go-to... I love the sunny side up egg!). SOO tasty!! It's become my new personal favorite!! I've always loved the Big Classic burger and the Baconater--and those sea salt french fries are hands-down THE BEST!!!!!


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Of course, we have McDonald's too--the Sausage McMuffin with Egg is still a staple, as are the Sausage Burritos (I remember when they were called "Breakfast Burritos"), the Egg McMuffin, Sausage biscuits and Big Breakfast... Of course, the Big Mac will live forever with its own song and special sauce... The Quarter-Pounder with Cheese has a couple of variations to pick from, and the fries are a staple as well... I've also always thought McDonald's has the BEST fountain Coke of all the places you can go to. And for you McRib lovers--it's back in November!


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Arby's, without a doubt, has THE best mozzarella sticks ANYWHERE. Period. And I always order a sandwich that's no longer on their menu but they are still able to make--because I love it. It's called a "Super" Roast Beef. It has shredded lettuce, a tomato, and Arby's sauce on it already so there's no mess ripping open packets of BBQ Sauce because it's already on the sandwich. I usually get a combo with one of their awesome shakes and the mozzarella sticks. My wife always gets the Classic Roast Beef. But Arby's has also expanded their menu a lot too in recent years. You can get a Gryro, different Farmhouse Sandwiches, and of course the curly fries that are awesome too.


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KFC, in my opinion, is losing ground to Popeyes Chicken. Popeyes has new amazing Chicken Nuggets that come in an 8 piece or 12 piece count with some incredible dipping sauces. My Go-to is the Blackened Ranch. SO GOOD. The coating on their chicken is so much better than KFC--again, in my opinion. And if you opt for the chicken sandwich at Popeyes instead of the nuggets--ALWAYS a winner!

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And lastly--one I WISH we had here in the Permian:


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Whether it's the fresh-cut fries from the potato slicer or the awesome burgers with their signature sauce--In & Out will always be top of the list for me. Absolutely love it. For now, I have to drive to San Antonio or Dallas. I'm hoping they continue to migrate west--and soon!

How about you? What are your favorites? Share and comment and tell us!

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