Let me tell you something you already know. Patrick Mahomes is really good at football. In fact, he's probably the best football player in the NFL right now if you think the MVP is the true indicator, because it's likely locked up by now.

On Sunday against the best defense in the league, Mahomes flexed his football muscles to show why he deserves that MVP award and why the Kansas City Chiefs are true Super Bowl contenders.


The first highlight came at the end of the first half, when Mahomes has a second and short trying to drive down the field for some points to extend the lead before the half. If the Chiefs score here, they score -- but it's really no big deal. Wrong. Every throw seems like a big deal for Mahomes.

In this masterclass of quarterbacking. the second-year Chief looks down field with his shoulders square up the field, and he throws a laser to the left with his eyes still down field.

A true no-look Magic Johnson bounce pass on the gridiron. Take a look:

This is ridiculous. No one else does no-look passes. It's stupid. Here is the opposite angle for the haters saying that he is looking with his eyeballs at the receiver:

That is a true no-look pass, and in a vacuum, it's incredible. But go back to the first replay and look at the top wide out who burnt his man and was wide open for the touchdown jog. Low pressure end-of-half situation doesn't add to the difficulty rating, and they had the lead at the time.

Great throw, but it's really all flash and no substance.

If you want some substance, take a bite into this juicy number:

Are you kidding me? You want pressure? It's 4th and 9, with less than 1:30 on the clock. The ball is at the Chiefs own 40, and Patrick Mahomes has to scramble right. After retreating 10 yards, he starts moving forward again and somehow teleports the ball 37 yards down the field to the shortest man on the field in the middle of multiple Ravens defenders.

The throw, in this situation, with the game on the line, elicited quite the reaction on twitter:

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs would win the game in overtime, 27-24, and Mahomes would finish the game 35-53 with 377 yards passing and two touchdowns. He had a fumble and an interception along with several other bad moments, but once again Mahomes was great when it counted. The Chiefs moved into sole possession of the best record in the AFC, and own the NFL's best record, along with the Rams and the Saints.

The Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot. They can go a long way to winning the AFC West on Thursday night, and Patrick Mahomes is playing like an MVP.

It hasn't been a perfect run, but it's a good time to be a Chief.

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