Professional football is a cutthroat business.

This week is the first of the 2022 NFL season calendar that involves mandatory roster cuts.

Despite having until tomorrow to make cuts, the New Orleans Saints got an early start on it due to the schedule layout this week.

The Saints are traveling to Green Bay for joint practices this week ahead of their preseason game at Lambeau Field this Friday.

Rather than bring 7 players on the plane and cut them in Wisconsin, the players got the call to New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen's office today they never wanted to get.

While Greenidge heads to IR, the others head to the waiver wire.

The signings of linebackers Jon Bostic and Niko Lalos aren't surprising as the team is in need of depth at the position, though according to John Hendrix, Lalos will take more reps at defensive end for the Saints.

None of the moves are particularly surprising, and the same will likely be said again next week when they go from 85 to 80.

Of the 7, the one that was slightly unexpected at this early stage is wide receiver Easop Winston, who spent time on the roster last season as a backup wide receiver and punt returner.

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The August 30th cut down to 53 will be the most difficult, and if it's anything like years past, should have a few surprises.

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