Let me explain, my grama had a green thumb that immigrated all the way from Illinois. She grew up in a state where things grew just willy nilly all on their own. Grass, trees, bushes, vines, ground cover and most importantly, her favorite, flowers. The women in our family must have loving flowers in thier DNA cause we all go ga-ga for pretty flowers.

She also grew up SUPER poor. When she was little living in Illinois being poor didn't mean going without pretty greenery though, because like I said, stuff just grew on its own where she was from.

Fast forward to her move to the big city of Rankin, TX. Now here she is in the hottest, driest, most unforgiving, rain deficient place she's ever been, but luckily she smuggled that green thumb and a keen sense of frugality with her.

We would go garage sailing/estate sailing all the time. Yes I spelled sailing not sale-ing because we were literally just sailing from house to house like pirates picking up booty and stolen  goods.

Again I say yes, stolen goods. Here why I say that. My grama being frugal as she was, while we were sifting through garage sale items, would always be on the look out for plants she thought she could propagate. (Fun fact, she's was doing a trend that's going around right now for the last 40 years, grama McKenzie did it before it was cool) If she saw a plant she liked she would get a start (break a little piece off), bring it home and in a few weeks she would have that plant growing everywhere in her yard.

She could be at a restaurant, a plant store or just driving around and see a plant she liked and you best bet she was getting her a start to take home and have growing in her yard within weeks.

I love that idea and always have. That's why I want to start a Facebook page for like minded people who have plants they don't mind sharing or trading starts of either for free or even to trade with people who also have plants they don't mind sharing starts of. The page could even have people posting about plants they've tried to propagate and which ones they've been successful at and how they did ect...maybe throw in some info on locations (not private property) but possibly side of the road locations they've found native plants that they were able to successfully replant/propagate.

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