You always hear people say that someone or some animal is their spirit animal.  So people base that off charts or memes.  I have determined my spirit animal by the similarities I have with the alligator.

An alligator in Lake Charles, La.
Philip A. Guillory (Big Boy Chill)

According to Webster's dictionary, the alligator is described as: either of two large carnivorous, thick-skinned, long-bodied, aquatic, crocodilian reptiles (Alligator mississippiensis of the southeastern U.S. and A. Sinensis of China) that have a broad head with a slightly tapered, long, rounded, U-shaped snout and a special pocket in the upper jaw for the reception of the enlarged lower fourth tooth

Kid's Britannica says this about alligators: Alligators are predators and are nocturnal—that is, active mostly at night. During the day they often lie at the water’s edge in large numbers, sunning themselves. At night they retreat to the water, where they live solitary lives and establish individual territories. A resident alligator roars loudly at the approach of an intruder.

Here is how I am like the alligator:

I am nocturnal, I have short arms and legs, and a thick body. I have a very hard protective outside, with a very soft underneath. I have a very mean growl and can have a nasty bite. Like the alligator, I am quick to jump and can snap at any time.  I am very protective of my own. My reflexes are very quick if I feel threatened. I live a solitary life and am ok being by myself. I seem to navigate my own waters. I love to lay and be warm in the sun. I love to be in and around the water. I also fight to be the dominant one in my area.  Lost but not least, I have a big huge mouth! LOL

What animal do you identify most with?


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