The first question in this press conference directed to the student-athletes is a question about tempo and how Texas Tech used that to their advantage.

"They got us playing their type of basketball in the first half," Mooney said. "At halftime, we wanted slow it down a little bit, we don't want to play slow but we want to control the tempo and take good shots and play March basketball."

Chris Beard then interjected: "Thanks for saying that, Matt. That slow stuff kills us in recruiting." Matt Mooney finished: "Yeah, we don't play slow. We just win."

In the biggest moment in Texas Tech history, Chris Beard is recruiting. I love it.

The national media throughout the last two rounds of the NCAA Tournament has lambasted the Red Raiders, especially during the Michigan game, for being a boring basketball team. Texas Tech isn't slow; they are deliberate. They aren't boring; they're disciplined.

"Hard work pays off," Mooney later said.

Following a long and detailed answer from Mooney about a moment in the game where he was hit on an inbounds play, Chris Beard chimed in: "That's why we call you The Professor. I like it."

Beard finished the press conference fielding questions, opening by saying how what he was feeling was indescribable. The second was about what effect Bobby Knight had on the outcome. Beard had coached with Bob and Pat Knight for a decade at Texas Tech.

"I wouldn't trade my time with Bob Knight and Pat for anything. It was like getting a Ph.D. in coaching every day," Beard said.

Beard was also asked if he'd rather have grinders like Matt Mooney, or McDonald's All-Americans. That's a stupid question, but it spawned a great answer.

"That's like going to Grandy's, and they ask you do you want double mashed potatoes or mashed potatoes and corn? I want both. We'll take those All-Americans and turn them into grinders."

Grandy's. Solid.

Beard went on to list coaches like Coach K., Kelvin Sampson, Rick Pitino and Bill Self, who all told Beard he had a great team. He wrapped up his answer to the question, saying, "We don't mind the underdog part of our story, but I think you disrespect our players a little bit when you don't understand we have really good college players. I think we have one of the best teams in college basketball this year."

To close the press conference, Beard was asked for a closing statement. Beard responded: "TEXAS TECH IS GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR."

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