Chris Beard's fireside chats are a cultural phenomenon. Everybody wants to be involved in them, and it's spawned new Texas Tech fans like Travis Tritt, who got a shout out early in the year as the song of the week. He's still watching:

Chris Beard and the team were being interviewed after the Elite 8 win over Gonzaga when the interview turned into another fireside chat. The interviewer, Andy Katz, asked how the Texas Tech students were getting to Minnesota and asked if they should call Mark Adams. A joke that's gained steam in the last several fireside chats.

Beard responded with his the now-iconic line: "Tech Students, and Red Raider Nation, welcome to a special edition of the fireside chat. If you need help with tickets or transportation, reach out to assistant coach... Mark Adams."

Beard added that his home phone number and email address is on the Texas Tech website.

I didn't see the phone number, but feel free to send ticket requests to

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