Another step toward a new stadium in Buffalo has officially been taken.

It's not a huge physical step, but it's certainly a major symbolic step, as the Bills have officially identified the position of the 50-yard line for their state-of-the-art stadium project. The team installed a flag to show fans who come to Highmark Stadium exactly where the center of the team's future will be.

Fans of the Bills took to Twitter to respond to the team's announcement, and as you probably would expect, some of the responses were hilarious.

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Buffalo Bills' Announce New Stadium's 50-Yard Line; Fans React Online

A video was posted on the official Twitter account of the Buffalo Bills on Friday morning, displaying the proposed "exact location" of the 50-yard line of Buffalo's new football stadium. The $1.4 billion dollar project is not expected to open its doors until 2026, but the Bills have been working to build excitement about building the future for most of the 2022 season.

Here's a look at the 50-yard marker, as constructed by the Bills:

As the video shows, the stadium will be directly across the street from the Bills' current home, Highmark Stadium. The area is currently being used as a parking lot, and a number of fans remarked that they had tailgated before a game in that exact same spot.

Other fans, however, had slightly different responses to the Bills' video. Here are a few of our favorites:

As was the case when renderings of the stadium were released, the response to this video was lukewarm. Some fans remain excited about the new stadium, while others still seem to have a gripe about it.

And yes, fans still desperately want a roof on top of it.

Either way, it was exciting for Bills' fans to see another step taken toward the future of the franchise, and although it was only a symbol, it was an important symbol for the fanbase to see...

...even if some didn't seem to think so on Twitter.

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