After a slate of wild games and tight finishes in week 12, college football fans anxiously awaited the latest College Football Playoff Rankings released on Tuesday night.

#1 Georgia, #2 Ohio State, #3 Michigan and #4 TCU all remained in place as the nation's only remaining undefeated teams, despite both Michigan and TCU winning close contests.

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The big question was, "Who would be #5?"

Fans of both LSU and USC feel they're most deserving of the spot.

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Tiger fans point to the strength of schedule, while Trojans fans point to the better overall record.

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With Ohio State and Michigan set to play this Saturday, the #5 team has a strong opportunity to move into the top 4 with a win this weekend.

Ultimately, the CFP committee ranked LSU at #5, with USC at #6.

USC is scheduled to host Notre Dame on Saturday, while LSU plays at struggling Texas A&M.

Florida State v LSU
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Both the Tigers and Trojans will play in conference championship games the following week, with LSU scheduled to face #1 Georgia.

The entire CFP rankings are as follows:

1. Georgia (11-0)

2. Ohio State (11-0)

3. Michigan (11-0)

4. TCU (11-0)

5. LSU (9-2)

6. USC (10-1)

7. Alabama (9-2)

8. Clemson (10-1)

9. Oregon (9-2)

10. Tennessee (9-2)

11. Penn State (9-2)

12. Kansas State (8-3)

13. Washington (9-2)

14. Utah (8-3)

15. Notre Dame (8-3)

16. Florida State (8-3)

17. North Carolina (9-2)

18. UCLA (8-3)

19. Tulane (9-2)

20. Ole Miss (8-3)

21. Oregon State (8-3)

22. UCF (8-3)

23. Texas (7-4)

24. Cincinnati (9-2)

25. Louisville (7-4)

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