Tomorrow morning on the show--Gwen and Gunner are looking for restaurants that are open in West Texas for Thanksgiving. Not that we advocate people working on a holiday, mind you... But since I'm not from West Texas and we have no family here-we'd like to go somewhere for a nice dinner if that's possible. Not only because it's Thanksgiving, but because it's also my wife's birthday on the 25th. So taking her somewhere special would be great! I know that traditionally, Cracker Barrel is open on Thanksgiving--and while I love them and have gone there on this holiday before, I'm looking to try something different this year.

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I've been keeping an eye out in our travels to see if anyone has a sign out saying they'll be open this year. But if you know of a place who is, or if you work at or manage a place that will be and you'd like to get on the list--we're happy to mention you. Just comment in the section below and tell us--and be sure to include the address and hours of the establishment too in case there are others in the area who also don't wanna cook that day and who'd rather just go out and enjoy a great meal somewhere local.

We have so many great restaurants here-I'm hoping that at least one or two of them will be open this year so we can celebrate TWO occasions.

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