Kevin Durant has been the most talked about player in the entire NBA since he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets back in June. Everyone in and around the NBA has speculated where the superstar could land. There was talks with multilple teams from Miami to Toronto. The trade waters got really cloudy after Rudy Golbert’s trade to the Timberwolves severly raised Durants trade value.

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The Nets refused to take a loss and wanted to get return on their inviestment. Meanwhile, Durnat wanted out so bad that he even gave the team an ultimatum. He said he would stay in Brooklyn if the team would part ways with some guys in the front office.

Well, I’m hear to tell you that all the drama in Brooklyn had finally come to a close for now. Kevin Durnat and the team have reached an agreement that will keep him in Brooklyn.

News Broke earlier this morning that the Nets front office and Kevin Durant were able to meet in L.A. this week to discuss the situation. The team would later announce that Durant will remain under contract with team for four years. The following statement was released by the Nets General Manager shortly after the meeting.

The Nets and Durant have agreed to put this drama in the past on focus on winning a championship. The Nets open the season against a young and rising Pelicans team. With Kyrlie an Kevin back in Brooklyn and set to play, what are the Nets chances for a title run?

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