The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching here in Texas.

We're all looking forward to the days off, as well as time with our families. One more thing we'll be looking forward to? The food!

There's nothing like a home-cooked meal to many in the Lone Star State. Of course, the prep that goes into the meal itself brings many to the table, especially with everything that will offered. The turkey being the main attraction.

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But recently, it seems like Texas is...moving away from Turkey? Hold on what?

Turkey Trending Downward In Texas?

How is this possible you ask? Well, according to Click2Houston, it's due a variety of factors. The biggest one you ask?

Taking the top spot as the reason for turkey falling off guessed it, laziness! But, with the bird falling from some people's tables, what could possibly be replacing it?

Amazingly enough, a very familiar orange restaurant has taken it's place on the dinner table. None other than...Whataburger!

Wait, Whataburger For Thanksgiving Dinner? collected the data via Google Trends of Thanksgiving in 2022. According to their findings, Whataburger claimed the state of Texas as their favorite alternative to Turkey.

Which, honestly, we can believe. We understand that fast food has been an option on Thanksgiving, but why not try BBQ or something different?

Are you planning on having Whataburger rather than turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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