With Texas being such a gigantic state we are fortunate enough to have a variety of options for just about anything we want. Whether we are talking about food options or other goods or services we want there are so many options. But as the year continues we can expect to see a few less options as we are hearing that some of the big brands that we all know and love are going to be closing some stores. 

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For most of us this news isn’t exactly shocking to hear as we know that more and more people are transitioning into buying items online from the comfort of their own home. Which means businesses that have stores that are underperforming will be closing so these big brands don’t continue to lose money month after month. While we might not love seeing these stores close it does make sense from a business standpoint. 

These Businesses Closing Should Come As a Reminder for Us 

This is another great example of why we need to support the local businesses that we love. If these big brands are struggling, you know our local businesses are having a hard time as well. Whenever possible support the local businesses in our community, just as much as the big brands we all love, they’re both providing jobs for our friends and neighbors.  

Let’s Look at the Big Brands Closing Stores 

Finance Buzz created a list of big brands that are closing locations here is a look at those brands, so it doesn’t come as such a shock as these stores shut down.  

Big Brands Closing Locations in 2024

Here is a look at some of our favorite big brands that will be closing locations in an effort to stop losing money at stores that are underperforming.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

10 Iconic Brands that Were Actually Created in Texas

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