Y'all, I literally just enjoyed the very best Blizzard I've EVER had in my life at this Texas DQ location just south of Tyler, Texas.

OK, it's not like I've ever had a BAD Blizzard. I mean, we're talking about DQ, y'all. At the same time, I swear I've never had one quite this amazing. It was adorable, too, because the young fellow who made it knew he'd created a dairy masterpiece when he handed it to me. It was so full of 'stuff' he couldn't even do that official flip-it-upside-down thing they do--and that was just fine with me.

Thank goodness I ordered a small, because small it actually was NOT.

What made this Blizzard the very best one I've ever had anywhere in Texas?

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Well, one contributing factor was the flavor. They've added some holiday favorites to the menu, and that has recently included the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard. And as we all know, Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough is the official food of the unicorn gods. For real.

But this young man went next level. Not only was it PACKED with those delectable morsels of almost unreasonable deliciousness, but there were extra swirls of cinnamon all throughout that made it insanely good.

I confess I did ask for 'extra stuff' because it's been that kind of a day. But typically that just means 'enough,' ya know what I mean.

It was absolutely PERFECT. When I told the guy that it looked like an advertisement it was so perfect-looking, he smiled big and told me to have a fantastic day.

Which I did.

OH, which DQ was it?

Y'all stop by the DQ in Gresham Village South of Tyler. I hope that guy is still there. Order 'extra stuff.' Thank me later.

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