Well, it depends on where you are on the property. Being naked in your yard is majorly different than if you are naked in your house.

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Location, Location, Location

According to Brett Pritchard Law Firm, being naked on your own property is OK as long as the public can not see you.

So you can still be charged with indecent exposure if you are naked in front of an open window, but that is still only if you are doing it with the intent to arouse someone.

Does Gender Matter?

The charge is not different for women and men as the pubic area is what will definitely get you an indecent exposure charge, or if you are exposing your anus, those areas are considered indecent exposure if they are visible even in your own yard.

You would think a woman could be charged with indecent exposure if she was exposing her breasts but it would only be a chargeable offense if her intent was to arouse someone, so if she was just walking from the house to the car topless it would be alright as long as the purpose was NOT to arouse someone which would be a difficult defense.


The intention is the key to an indecent exposure charge, if you were naked but trying to get back in your house and accidentally locked yourself out, or if you ran from your house to your pool in a skimpy towel, or if you were just engaging in a harmless prank like mooning the opposing team at a sporting event.

Those cases would not be considered an intent to arouse someone and would likely not be charged with indecent exposure but a warning could be issued.

What would it cost you?

How about up to $2,000 in fines and possibly 180 days in jail, you could also face penalties like having a permanent criminal record, difficulty finding a job, difficulty getting housing, the inability to apply for some jobs, and the inability to apply for certain educational programs.

So just make sure that you are not naked on your own property where people can see you and definitely don't try to arouse anyone by being naked and you will likely not have to worry about an indecent exposure charge.

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