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There are four National Football League divisions which look very easy to pick before the first ball is kicked off Thursday night, September 9.

But for the other four divisions, there could be a lot of drama all year; and remember, this is the biggest season of the NFL ever, with 17 regular season games for all the teams.

So which are the four best divisions in the NFL, and who is going to win them? Here is a look at them, with odds and predictions for all four by Illinois Gambler.

AFC North

Right now, it looks like a two-horse race between the Baltimore Ravens (who have the best odds right now at +120) and the Cleveland Browns (second choice, +145). Both of them went 11-5 last season and won one playoff game as Wild Cards, as it was the Pittsburgh Steelers that won the division at 12-4. But Pittsburgh comes in as third choice at +450, with the Cincinnati Bengals also rans at +2200.

Cleveland has Odell Beckham Jr. back in the fold, and Grant Delpit will take the field after he was injured early in 2020. As for the Ravens, has the rest of the league figured out their offense, or can they regain some of the swagger they had for the better part of two years?

The pick: I am going to take the Browns at +140 to beat out the Ravens by a game

AFC South

This is not necessarily a very good division, but the race at the top should be tight. Right away, you can throw out the Houston Texans (who are a mess, and might be the worst team in the NFL) and the Jacksonville Jaguars (who are a year away from competing with Trevor Lawrence). So that leaves the Tennessee Titans (odds of +100) and the Indianapolis Colts (odds of +140). For a while, it looked as if the Colts would be missing QB Carson Wentz, and they just lost backup Sam Ehrlinger to a knee injury. If Wentz can go Week 1, this is a more interesting race.

The pick: I have to back the Titans here at even money, but the Colts are intriguing. But the uncertainty at QB has to worry you.

NFC East

The Washington Football Team (odds of +220) won the division last season at 7-9, and brought in Ryan Fitzpatrick to run the offense. Everyone expects the Dallas Cowboys (odds of +150) to be back with Dak Prescott under center, but the defense is not good. The New York Giants are intriguing at +375, but I don’t trust them. The Philadelphia Eagles (+500) could be awful, or might be half-decent.

The pick: I can’t see past the defending NFC East champion Washington, especially at odds of +220. I know that might not be a popular choice in Texas, but the Cowboys’ defense is miles behind WFT.

NFC West

This is the best division in the NFL, and all four teams could legitimately make the playoffs. Three teams have odds from +200 to +275: the Los Angeles Rams (+200), the San Francisco 49ers (+200), and the Seattle Seahawks (+275). Even the Arizona Cardinals (+600) could win 10 games.

For me, the Rams upgrade at quarterback to Matthew Stafford has to make them the favorite, but it should be a battle between the two teams with top five defenses: LA and San Fran.

The pick: I have to go with the Rams here at +200. If I was going to take one flier on a team from any of the above divisions, it would be the Arizona Cardinals at +600: if Kyler Murray makes a jump, this division could be really tight.

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