I love storming fields. I love storming courts. I love college football.

Just look at this atmosphere in Lubbock after they beat the Texas Longhorns 37-34 in overtime this weekend:

I applauded this earlier in the weekend and stand by it. Throwing horns down in a mascot's face? Acceptable.

An entire field full of fans. An amazing sight.

Another angle because I love it so much.

Here's the deal: fans who've just seen their team win a huge game are keyed up. Players who just won or lost a huge game are emotional. It's really not a great situation, but if fans can control themselves, everything is fine.

Sure, you get some moments like below, where a player flips off an opposing fan, but that's nothing in my opinion. Just two young people having a bit of fun.

This next video, however, is not just a bit of fun.

The Texas Tech fan who blindsided a Texas Longhorn player on the field should be banned from the stadium and any athletic event that Texas Tech has. Harsh? Maybe, but if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Texas Tech fans have a bad reputation around the Big 12 and I try to refute that when people say it. Then stuff like this happens and it becomes harder to deny. Now, one person out of thousands is a great ratio, but it only takes one to make an entire fanbase look like idiots.

There are other accounts of Texas players throwing shoulders into passing fans, but I have not seen video evidence of that yet.

I hope this doesn't end the field storming in Lubbock, because there really is nothing better than fans spilling over the walls at The Jones. Just don't mess with the players in the opposing uniform -- unless it's a friendly horns down, of course.

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