Immediately after the NCAA Selection Show, I put out a poll on Twitter to see what the Red Raider faithful were feeling about the region that Texas Tech was placed in and boy howdy did they respond.

With more than 1,400 votes in the first 24 hours, half of the voters have Texas Tech going all the way to the Final 4.

That would potentially take wins over, Northern Kentucky, Ja Morant, and Murray State, a really good Buffalo team, Gonzaga, Nevada or even a rematch from last years round of 32 Florida. Oh, and the 2 seed Michigan.

A trip to the Final 4 would mean wins against at least four of those teams, including the round one matchup against Northern Kentucky.

What do you think? Will Texas Tech get all the way to the Final 4? Or will they fall in the Elite 8 round like they did in 2018. Maybe they slip earlier than that.

You tell us:

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