Seems no matter what store you walk into in the Midland-Odessa area, the very first thing you see when you get inside is---HALLOWEEN STUFF. Every single knickknack imaginable. Pumpkins, Ghosts and Goblins and Black Cats in all shapes and sizes. Big stuffed spiders on strings that go up and down and have eyes that light-up red... Lawn decorations from the inflatable pumpkins and ghosts to the scary skeletons. Signs saying Happy Halloween, This House is Haunted, etc. It's all out there! By the way--it's SEPTEMBER 15TH. Halloween is 46 days away. Why are we in so much of a hurry these days in our country to get to the next thing? It seems like we're in such a race that we forget to enjoy things when they actually happen.

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I love Halloween as much as the next person does. I love the spooky fun that comes with it-decorating the house, getting ready for all the trick-or-treaters... I have sweet memories of Halloweens past--like with my dog Belle who I lost two years ago--walking her in our old neighborhood and the people around the block from us having this inflatable Dracula in his coffin that he would pop out of--and how that would freak her out when we walked by it in their front yard and she'd stop and bark at it. Or my daughter Sommer when she was a little girl--taking her trick or treating at the mall in Peoria Illinois wearing my Spider Man costume and her smiling and saying to me "You scare me Daddy!!".

It's a fun holiday-especially for the kids. But there's no need to rush to get there. I've even seen CHRISTMAS stuff out already in stores in Midland. Summer isn't officially over until September 22 (Next Wednesday), and it stays warm here in the Basin and we can still use our pools until November. So it's a strange thing to see-when it's 96 degrees outside--and there's Christmas trees and lights for sale. When do YOU think is the right time stores should be selling decorations and supplies for the next upcoming holiday? Three weeks out? Four weeks out? Or do you not mind stuff is out and available for sale so far in advance like that? Comment below and tell us!

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