Josh Jung and Caleb Kilian get most of the praise right now when it comes to former Red Raiders in the minor leagues right now. Jung is obviously at the top of the Texas Rangers system, while Kilian was a valuable trade asset moving from the Giants to the Cubs at the trade deadline.

It's been Parker Mushinski though, who has steadily impressed the Astros organization this season by tallying a 3.78 ERA in nine starts and six appearances out of the bullpen. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see Mushinski breeze through AAA as a pitstop to the Major League level where he can spell the Astros Bullpen on their way to the playoffs.

Mushinski was drafted by the Astros in the 2017 MLB draft after having two stellar seasons with the Red Raiders, including a 2.03 ERA across 20 appearances in 2016 and a 2.39 ERA across 31 appearances in 2017. As a Red Raider Mushinski only ever started one game, a forgettable appearance in 2015.

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The Astros seem to like the long-term future of Mushinski as a back of the rotation piece, but that short-term path to majors is certainly out of the bullpen.

With Jung hitting better than .300 at AA Frisco for the Rangers and Kilian cashing a 2.45 ERA over 18 starts at various places this season, the pair of ex-Red Raiders now find themselves on bad teams with easy tracks to the Major Leagues. It's Mushinski though, who could make the real impact this season. Given the Astros' place in the standings and the innings that would be earned by Mushinski in the process.

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