The 2022-2023 NBA season is well underway. As of today, there have been between 18-20 games played between all the teams in the league. The New Orleans Pelicans have been awesome behind Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson. The Pelicans are the 4th seed tied with the 3rd seed at 11-8. Then when you compare to the former franchise player of the Pels in Anthony Davis, the Pels are leaps and bounds ahead of the Lakers.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers have been terrible with a record of 6-11. For the past 6 games, Davis looked like the Pelicans' AD. However, will that be sustainable we shall see? But during his post-game interview after the recent win against the Spurs, Davis called out the Pelicans. Davis said he wished he had received a tribute video when he returned, similar to how the Spurs gave Lonnie Walker a video in their past game.

For starters, Davis knew exactly what he was doing. He can't act like he was oblivious, no he was trolling. Honestly probably tired of hearing about the Pelicans especially since they are miles above where the Lakers are. Shoot some basketball minds have said that the Lakers lost the AD trade and that maybe they need to get rid of him. Now that last part I don't agree with; however, if the Pelicans win a championship then they easily won the trade. And I truly believe that irks Davis.

But this still goes back to how immature and just arrogant Davis is. Why would the Pelicans give you a tribute video after how horribly you treated the organization? First, you demanded a trade but said you wouldn't accept a trade except from one place basically pigeon-holding the Pelicans to the Lakers. Secondly, after that trade demand for his final home game as a Pelican, he wore a shirt that said "that's all folks", and he knew exactly what he was doing then. Third, he never thanked the city after he left. He never thanked the city of New Orleans, the organization, his teammates, or the fans. He just left without the typical good message. So why on God's green earth Anthony would the Pelicans ever give you a tribute video? The Pelicans should consider what Pels fan and member of the Pels12 Jdub told Scott Prather and myself about how the team should respond. So basically he suggested that if Anthony Davis wants a tribute video then give him one with him on the bench in street clothes. Talk about King Petty. I love it.

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The Anthony Davis saga seems like it will never end. This is a rivalry I feel will continue even if the Pelicans win a championship. It is the principle behind everything, He was horrible to the fan base and the city so the vitriol and pettiness will continue. Sorry, not sorry Mr. Glass.

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