Ask yourself, "how many packages have you had delivered to your home over the last three years?" Ever since we were sheltered in place due to the coronavirus, online shopping has exploded.

From simple everyday staples, household goods, clothing, and food. All delivered to your doorstep.

But did all the delivery companies you used, document that delivery by photographing the packages? Not all of them. Including FedEx.

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The Verge just released a report that points out that the delivery giant claims to be the 'first' to announce this service will be available to residential customers. Ahhh, I beg to differ.

Amazon began this service in 2018. Albeit in certain areas, Amazon customers were given an opt-out option.

DoorDash gives its customers the option of no-contact delivery with a photo-proof step.

The Picture Proof Delivery that FedEx is to offer will begin in select markets before launching to customers in the US and Canada in time for the holiday shipping season.

Remember when you ordered from FedEx and received an email to track your packages? Well, you can still do that.

Will this deter those pesky porch pirates? No, but the service will prove your parcel was delivered.

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