The NBA Draft took place on Thursday. And the New Orleans Pelicans had an incredible draft taking Dyson Daniels, EJ Liddell, and Karlo Matkovic. Well, we now know that second-round pick EJ Liddell loves Marvel movies and he ranked his top marvel films.

Liddell sat down with Matt Norlander of CBS and told him his rankings of the Marvel movies. And I have to be honest, his number 1 choice is highly questionable with Ant-Man and The Wasp. I personally have that movie somewhere between 15-20. So I'm looking at Liddell with question marks on that choice. However, I love that he has Thor Raganorok 2nd and then Avengers Endgame and Infinity War right after. So Liddell redeems himself for those choices. My only other real gripe with his rankings is that Multiverse of Madness is too high and Winter Solider is too low. But good to know that the new Pelican loves comic book movies.

Liddell also goes on to rank the Marvel TV shows.

His tv rankings arent as bad as his movie rankings. I personally would have Falcon and the Winter Soldier at number 1 but I can't be mad at this ranking.

Seems like Liddell and Zion Williamson will have a lot to discuss in the locker room over his Marvel rankings. I just cant wait to see them on the court together as the New Orleans version of the Bash Brothers.

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