Eli Howard is in his 4th season as a Red Raider heading into year three on the field. After being in Lubbock for so long he's ready for a change, "In the past, I haven't been able to pin the ears back, Patterson is going to give us a chance to do that. Myself, Broderick Washington and nick McCann are licking our chops to do that."

Nick McCann echoed those sentiments in his interview:

"We get to do more. We get more freedom. Instead of staying in our gap we can get out of our gap and make a play." the defensive tackle told us. He also told us that he believes Texas Tech can win every game the team just needs to believe it, "Coach Sholz has put us in situations where you just have to get over it." McCann said. He doubled down that the team feels better prepared to overcome adversity.

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