If you have wondered what is about to be built just west of Midland International Air and Space Port, it is the beginnings of the Yukon Rd extension in Midland County.

According to the Midland-Odessa Transportation Alliance Facebook Page, TxDOT has begun to prepare an overpass for State Hwy 191 to go over the new Yukon Rd. extension, and the construction at FM 1788 and Loop 40 is where Yukon Rd will end up, giving residents of north Odessa a new route to get to the airport.

This will be good since overpasses over main highways have proven not to be a good thing here in the Permian Basin, building overpasses where the main highway goes over smaller roads works better to keep overpasses from being struck by oilfield trucks.

The Yukon Rd project will also connect State Hwy 302 to the airport also. Construction is planned for Yukon Rd to extend from FM 1936 to State Hwy 302, this will also give residents of Kermit a straight shot to the airport too.

There is also an overpass planned at Yukon Rd and Loop 338 that is already begun construction as well.

This will give validity to the Yukon Rd. exit on eastbound Hwy 191, which has been the only evidence that Yukon Rd. is going to be more than a road in Odessa and become a connection road to the airport for places that had to travel to the airport by getting on Hwy 191.

The Yukon Rd. extension is just proof that Midland and Odessa are growing by leaps and bounds and have become major metropolia in the West Texas desert.


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