Of course, the WATER LINE break in Odessa is affecting everyone in Ector County. For the last 2 days, the City of Odessa's water has been shut off. Can't remember something like this happening ever here in the Permian Basin on this large scale.   And. while the PIPE has been repaired and the City plans on turning on the water again, there is a BOIL NOTICE in effect for the next 12 to 24 hours for Ector County residents and businesses. This may cause your favorite place to eat to shut down or have a reduced menu for a while.

The Ector County Health Department Has Recommended All Food Establishments To Shut Down

Here is the message they put out...

URGENT! City of Odessa / Ector County Food Establishments,Due to City of Odessa issuing a Boiling Water notice we recommend all of our Establishments in Ector County to Close or Remain Closed until the issue is fixed and there is no longer a boiling water notice. Because of the water line break, the water coming out of your faucets could be contaminated and we want to prevent any food and water borne illnesses.

If you choose to remain open, please be considerate of Safe Food Handling operations
- When using tap water, Water MUST be BOILED
- Reduced menu is suggested
- You may use bottled water for cooking, hand washing and sanitizing, but a significant supply is needed to maintain operation under Texas Food Establishment Rules.
- If you are planning to use your R.O water reserve please ensure you have a significant amount to use, once your potable water resources have been depleted to ensure Public Health is maintained do not operate using unsafe water. Please check your filters and boil the water for precaution.
Be aware that once your R.O Water tanks are depleted and are filled back up with water, that water could be contaminated, and you will be putting the community at risk for illnesses.
We have been receiving complaints and if we show up to your establishment and you do not have a significant amount of potable water YOU WILL BE SHUT DOWN



The Ector County Health Department suggests food establishments remain closed until the issue is fixed and there is no longer a boiling water notice in Ector County.

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