We have known for a while that Divine Oduduru is really fast.

Now it's been confirmed that's he's the fastest man in the world. At least so far in 2019.

The "Fastest Man in the World" moniker is often associated with the person who owns the world's best time in the 100M dash. The king of all sprints.

Oduduru broke the 10-second mark, which is pretty rare, and clocked a 9.95, which is the fastest time in the world this year.

Now, that race alone is an impressive feat. Only 122 runners in the history of running have ever broken the sub-10 second 100M dash. That's impressive on its own, but Divine's day wasn't over.

Not even an hour later, Oduduru ran a sub-20-second 200M dash. That's something only 72 runners have ever done in the history of running.

He did both within an hour.

After he won the second race, he responded: "I worked for it, and I got it."

Divine Oduduru will leave Texas Tech as the greatest Red Raider sprinter of all-time, and he will go on to compete in the Olympics and compete for Gold Medals. Before that, he's got more Big 12 and National Titles to win.

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