Back in November when Texas Tech basketball was just getting their season underway, some unnamed hero put a $1,500 on the line in Vegas for the unranked Red Raiders to win it all.

At the time, it was just an innocent bet. Sure, the Red Raiders were in the Elite 8 last season. Yeah, Chris Beard seemed like the real deal. But the Red Raiders had lost so much, and they were unranked to start the year.

It's easy to look back on this as a great bet, but at the time, this bettor was just having a good time.

If Texas Tech wins tonight, that $1,500 bet turns into $300,000. Imagine the pressure getting cranked up to 11 to not only have your favorite team in the tournament, but also a life-changing amount of money on the line.

The unnamed person was feeling the pressure, too, because he listed his ticket on a website called PropSwap, a place where you can sell a ticket to guarantee yourself a pay day without the risk.

The Red Raider bettor actually turned down $50,000 cash money from none other than Dez Bryant, who's been a big Red Raider supporter since the Sweet 16. He cited the tenacity the team plays with as one of the reasons for his respect.

He's not hopping off the bandwagon, either. Bryant is doubling down, even if he couldn't buy the bet.

Let's go.

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