Where is Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady?

No one has been able to answer the question.

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When Brady was absent from training camp practices earlier this month, the Bucs said it was a "personal matter" and the absence was excused.

Head coach Todd Bowles said at the time they expected Brady's return following a preseason game against the Tennessee Titans. That game is set to be played tomorrow.

Yesterday, Bowles changed his tune slightly, saying he doesn't have a definitive date yet on Tom's return to the team.

While multiple reports suggest Brady is healthy, and his family situation is fine, his absence from Bucs camp has led many to speculate on why the 7-time Super Bowl champion.

Tom Brady sacked by Marcus Davenport
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One common popular theory is he's 45 years old and doesn't want to go through the rigors of training camp.

Because he's Tom Brady, Tampa Bay ownership and coaches allow him this luxury.

While this theory may prove to be true, it's somewhat odd. Brady didn't become a 7-time Super Bowl Champion by taking shortcuts or skipping practice.

Tom Brady replica locker
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His work ethic is rigorous.

So what gives?

Fantasy football analyst Kendall Valenzuela has a different take, and I'll be honest, it makes a ton of sense.

The Masked Singer theory plays, and Brady's new tie-in with FOX adds more credence to it.

Every contestant on the show must sign an NDA with FOX, which is commonplace for a show that's predicated on secrecy.

"Tom Brady doesn't work for FOX, but he did sign that mega deal with FOX  back in May of this year," Valenzuela explains. "He's also had a couple of teammates who have been on The Masked Singer before...his best friend Rob Gronkowski has also performed on The Masked Singer before."

Tom Brady & Gronk
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Churchill Downs

FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw has been on the show in the past, as has play-by-play announcer Joe Buck.

Buck now works for ESPN, but at the time he appeared on The Masked Singer, was the lead play-by-play man for FOX.

Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles being unable to confirm a definitive return date also plays into the theory.

If Brady does well in the competition, he'll be filming for much longer. Considering he's one of the all-time great athletes in American history if he performed well in any kind of competition it would not come as a surprise.

Tom Brady
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The Masked Singer airs two seasons a year. One in the fall, and the other in the winter/spring.

In previous years, the fall season is filmed in Los Angeles in July and August.

While Valenzuela's theory seems crazy at first, once explained and researched, it actually seems likely.

If Brady returns next week and remains coy regarding why he was away from the team, giving the media lines like, "It was a personal matter", or "I just needed more time with my family", it'll only fuel Valenzuela's hypothesis.

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