What do you think of marijuana aka cannabis being legal here in Midland/Odessa and what would it take for it to happen?

There are a lot of cities and towns in Texas putting cannabis on the ballot in the next election or in the near future, could it be on a ballot here soon?

What would have to happen for it to be put to a vote here in the Permian Basin is for a petition to be circulated to see how many would actually support the measure.

That is what is happening in Denton and Austin as soon as next month.

Personally, I am not a person that uses cannabis in any form, but I have known many friends who have been into smoking a little weed on occasion.

Being around them, there is nothing any worse about marijuana than somebody drinking alcohol. Yes, it does hinder your reactions but that's why we have DWIs being issued.

Driving while intoxicated means being intoxicated on marijuana, drugs, or alcohol. Of course, illegal drugs should remain illegal but pot, marijuana, cannabis, or whatever you want to call it, should be just as legal as alcohol because it doesn't do the harm that illicit drugs do.

Lots of cities around Texas are putting cannabis on the ballot either to legalize it or decriminalize it such as Dallas, Denton, Austin, Killeen, and San Marcos.

A recent poll showed a strong majority of Texans, including Republicans, are in support of legalizing marijuana.

So what do you think? Should cannabis be legalized and decriminalized here in Midland/Odessa?

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