One thing in Texas is for sure--College Pride is abundant in this state! You really can't go anywhere-doesn't matter what city you're in--School flags and lawn signs and banners are everywhere in every neighborhood. Sometimes even two schools are on one lawn--husband and wife sharing a house divided. With all that pride-and the fact that the employment success rate is what it is with people graduating from these Universities here--it's definitely something we want her to strongly consider.

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We're getting close. Close to graduation (just a short time away with 2 years left to high school for her)... And it's time to start funneling ideas her way because she's going to be in the mindset of what's next after high school very soon. She's in Illinois with her dad and comes to Texas to visit a lot--and we're hoping that she'll choose to come to school here when it's time. She goes back and forth on the choice of major-but right now it's Physical Therapy... I've heard A & M has great programs for that. But that plan could change at any given moment. Could Texas Tech be a better option? It's the closest to us being a 90-minute drive to Lubbock. Or even closer--UT Permian Basin. And of course--there's always Austin and the University of Texas...Lots of choices for sure. I'd love to hear all about why you think we should select one of them and what makes it special to you. Comment below and please give us some ideas!

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